Navigating a Dynamic Threat Landscape for Email
Email spam exposes your systems to malware and phishing attacks and is a costly distraction your employees.
Its estimated that over 90% of all email traffic is spam, although most spam never makes it to the inbox. Millions of dollars in business productivity and additional infrastructure expenses are often lost due to spam. To make matters worse, email is being used to ‘phish’ sensitive and valuable information from companies and trick people into transferring money. To defend against email spam and phishing, you must stay one step ahead of the evolving threat.
Looking for relief? Look to
With Hosted Exchange, you get exceptional support and affordable, feature-rich business email and the strongest threat detection structure in the industry. We combined the best of our threat scanning capabilities with industry leaders in spam and virus protection. 
Spam and virus filtering is handled in two stages: blocked email, and filtered email. ensures you will never see those messages in your mailbox first by blocking. Any spam messages that cannot be blocked is detected by email filtering, which is used to identify spam and send directly to your spam folder. 
Email Blocking
Our anti-spam and anti-virus solutions use many industry best practice techniques to block email from known, nefarious sources. The email blocking process covers everything from compromised servers to ‘spam cannon’ services which send email spam across the internet. These blocking techniques include IP blocking lists provided by reputable email industry services and by blocking emails with known attachment types used to exploit peoples’ computers and devices. provides admins with tools to blacklist senders at both the domain and mailbox level, blocking any email that matches our blacklists. 
Email Filtering
If mail circumvents our blocked email checks, advanced content filtering is applied to further detect spam. The content filtering process combines various techniques which analyze email structure and content, and create beacons that identify spam patterns in email. These beacons are integrated with leading email industry sources to collectively report spam, phishing, and viruses. This process results in an extremely effective spam detection and removal system that continually adapts to the every-changing sophistication of spammers.
Maintaining this comprehensive level of threat protection could cost you thousands of dollars a month to maintain. As a customer, these protections are free with every mailbox you add.
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